Thursday, January 19, 2012

Galau Akademis

Galau Akademis: The worst kind of galau. Ever. It's even worse than heart broken galau. Seriously.
Since I'm taking to med school, this is the time when I feel 'galau akademis' the worst. Some of my test results were great, some of them, well, C was the worst result I got. But stillllll........ I need minimum 3 on my GPA this semester. With a couple of Cs I have, I guess I have to take the short semester.
Actually, today is the announcement of all of my test results and some of my friends have already known their scores. Me? I don't even dare to see the announcement, or even ask my friends. I guess I'm going to see it tonight, or tomorrow morning.
So.... fingers crossed! Hopefully I don't have to take the short semester. Wish me luck!