Friday, March 5, 2010

geje ah

Q : Am I looking sad or happy in the appropriate place?

A : Well, honey, you already have the face that nobody can sever whether you're sad or happy

update status

it's been a month since i wrote my last post -.- terganjal keterbatasan waktu serta fasilitas, pada akhirnya i can open my hunny-bunny-bloggy. soo, i'm gonna tell you what's happening with me recently since i don't have somebody to talk to rite now huh.

1. GLEE :) the best TV series ever (surely after HOUSE. nothing can beat it)

2. TRY OUT(ssssss)!!!!! it sucks, you know, to do "mbuleti LJK" every morning at school. ngerjain soalnya aja mah gapapa. mbuleti LJK itu yang muales poll --" belum lagi yang di bimbel grr. tiap hari ada PR try out mamen

3. i find that watching DVD is much more interesting than surfing on the internet, since i've become an anti-social person lately. that's why my friends always call me "arek mulihan"

4. aku sekarang gampang sakit huh. masa seminggu ini udah diare 2 kali. parah ya grwtx

5. lagi semangat SSC sekarang :) jadi bisa ketemu cowok lucu kelas sebelah hihi. promise me not to tell anybody that i have a crush. fortunately, nobody knows it whatsoever

6. my dad is baaaack! undoubtedly can't wait him and my doctor martens (well, my dad bought me the pink one by the way)